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Your customers may already be using Yelp to comment on your business. As a business owner, your best strategy is to be proactive, to use Yelp to reach out to interested customers and conduct some of your reputation management activities.

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Yelp is one of the most popular online review sites with over 31 million visitors in March 2010. People use Yelp to write and share reviews of businesses like yours. In fact, your business may already be reviewed on Yelp even if you don’t know about it.

Review sites like Yelp are an integral part of social media. Review sites give customers an opportunity to talk about the businesses they use. Customers have always shared their opinions about businesses, and with sites like Yelp, they can share them with a larger audience in a more permanent way.

Yelp Business Owner Tools

Yelp provides a wide range of services for business owners. These services can help you take advantage of Yelp’s business features and educate you about the Yelp review process and reviewer community.

The first step is to register your business on Yelp, a process they call unlocking your business. Your business may already appear on Yelp, added by a reviewer. As the business owner, you have additional features you can use to make Yelp part of your business marketing strategy.

  • Business information. You can add business details, make changes to existing business details, and provide supportive information for customers.
  • Photographs. You can add photographs of your business, your products, and your staff.
  • Statistics. Yelp tracks the people who visit your Yelp business page and provides you with statistics about your visitors.
  • Special offers. Yelp allows you to publish information about special offers and upcoming events at your business.
  • Messages. Send public and private messages to people who review your business.
  • Reviews on your website. Yelp allows you to add your reviews to your business website.

In addition, Yelp provides a wealth of information for how to handle reviews, especially negative reviews. There are lists of common questions with answers, and examples of great and not-so-great responses to positive and negative reviews.

Here’s a video that explains how to take advantage of the Yelp business owner services.

Yelp has mobile applications for nearly every type of smart phone. This means that your customers and potential customers can access your business profile online while mobile. Yelp has a check-in service that allows you customers to say they have arrived at your business.

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