Citysearch For Business Owners

Your customers may already be using Citysearch to comment on your business. As a business owner, your best strategy is to be proactive and to use Citysearch to reach out to interested customers and provide detailed business information.

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  • Article Last Updated: Thursday, April 4, 2013

Citysearch Local Review Site

Citysearch LogoCitysearch is one of the popular online review sites with over 75,000 local businesses listed. People use Citysearch to write and share reviews of businesses like yours. In fact, your business may already be reviewed on Citysearch even if you don’t know about it.

Review sites like Citysearch are an integral part of social media. Review sites give customers an opportunity to talk about the businesses they use. Customers have always shared their opinions about businesses, and with sites like Citysearch, they can share them with a larger audience in a more permanent way.

Citysearch Business Owner Tools

Your business may already appear on Citysearch because customers have written reviews. Citysearch allows you to claim your business listing and gives you access to many services to help you get the most benefit from your Citysearch presence.

  • Business information. You can add business details, make changes to existing business details, and provide supportive information for customers.
  • Statistics. Citysearch tracks the people who visit your Citysearch business page and provides you with statistics about your visitors.
  • Special offers. Citysearch allows you to publish information about special offers for your customers.
  • Links. Add links to your website, your Facebook page, and your Twitter account.

Citysearch has just added additional business owner services for a fee. With a paid account, you can advertise on the site, and get access to additional business page services.

Citysearch has mobile applications for nearly every type of smart phone. This means that your customers and potential customers can access your business profile online while mobile.

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Your turn: Have you claimed your business profile on Citysearch? Share your experience with the community.

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About author:

Charlene Kingston is the small business person behind the Social Media DIY Workshop.

2 Responses to “Citysearch For Business Owners”

  1. Wanda Anglin says:

    I totally agree with your post about the usefulness of Citysearch. However, I cannot figure out how to submit a directory listing for a business that is not on citysearch. Can you share details on how to do this?

  2. Charlene Kingston says:

    It turns out, Wanda, that CitySearch has changed the procedure for doing this many times over the last year or so. The latest information I found is that you have to go through their parent company, CityGrid ( and request this. Of course, CityGrid wants to sell you services. There is no longer a form on the site to submit your own business listing.

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