Understanding Facebook Accounts

You need to know what type of account (business or personal) you have with Facebook. Here’s an summary of the Facebook rules and features for each type of account to help you stay within the rules.

Facebook Account Types

A Facebook personal account lets you administer your personal and business presence.

Your Facebook account is the way you log in to Facebook. Facebook offers two types of accounts and your account type determines the kinds of information you see and some of the actions you can perform with your Facebook business page.

  • Do you have a personal Facebook profile? If you do, you have a personal Facebook account (login).
  • Do you have just a business Facebook page? If so, you might have either a personal Facebook account (login) or a business Facebook account (login).

If you have two different Facebook accounts (logins), you have a problem. Having two accounts (logins) for Facebook is a violation of their terms of service. If Facebook discovers your violation, they can close your accounts and remove your entire Facebook presence (all pages and your profile). You will need some assistance to resolve this situation. It’s more involved than an article like this can explain.

Personal Accounts

Just because you have a personal account doesn’t mean that you can’t use Facebook for business. You can add a business page to Facebook using your personal account. In fact, that is exactly what Facebook wants you to do. From your personal account, you can administer your personal profile, any number of business pages, and any number of groups.

Many people who add a business page also have a personal profile. There is no problem with administering a business page from a personal account (login), even if you want someone else to help administer your business page. You can have an employee or someone you hire help you administer your business page without giving them your Facebook account (login) information.

Business Accounts

If you only want to use Facebook to maintain your business presence, you can use a business account. This separates the business account from all personal accounts, and may be a smart strategy for your business. A business account has some limitations on the types of actions you can take on your business page,  and has limited access to Facebook information.
You can convert your business account into a personal account by clicking on Create Your Profile button.

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Your turn: Have you accidentally created more than one Facebook account? How did you resolve this? Or, did you convert a business account to a personal account? Share your experiences here.
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Charlene Kingston is the small business person behind the Social Media DIY Workshop.

231 Responses to “Understanding Facebook Accounts”

  1. Charlene Kingston says:

    You have to contact Facebook. Use the Help Center and report that something is wrong. You are not the first person to do this.

    PS Facebook’s search feature doesn’t really work. You can’t expect Google type results from it. It’s so bad that I won’t use it to find business pages. I actually go to the company website and look for a link to their Facebook page rather than waste my time searching in Facebook. Seriously, it’s that bad.

  2. Help says:

    I want to convert from a business account on Facebook to a Personal account. Your article suggests that I can do this by clicking on the “Create Your Profile” button. I feel completely foolish, but I do not see this button, and I feel like I have spent considerable time navigating my page as well as all of the editing and settings pages looking for it. Can you please tell me where to find this Create Your Profile button ?

  3. Charlene Kingston says:

    I’ve been told by others that the button has been removed. I am not able to see this for myself, so all I can tell you is that others say it has been removed.

  4. Oops, that may be the problem! I do have two separate FB accounts, each has a username and password. The second one I created for business and gave it a business page. This gave me a facebook URL that I can send people to. So far, as I post to my busines account/page? it shows up in my personal account. I’ve written to facebook about this but haven’t heard back yet. Can you assist in figuring out this mess? Thanks

  5. Charlene Kingston says:

    Hi Cheryl, You need to learn how to use Facebook as your page. (http://socialmediadiyworkshop.com/2011/03/use-facebook-as-your-page/) This is why you are having a problem.

  6. Anneka Noon says:


    I have a personal account but have just started working for a company where i will be managing there business pages for them, can I access the business pages through my personal page as I want to be able to invite my friends to the business pages as on the business pages there is only an option to invite people by email and i want to be able give the page as much exposure as possible.


  7. Charlene Kingston says:

    After your company makes you a page administrator, you can access the company page through your personal account. However, I do not recommend that you “spam” your friend list by inviting people to the company business page. Any unwanted or unsolicited business communication is considered spam.If you respect your friends, don’t cross that line.

  8. Lauren says:

    I am an admin of my company’s FB page. We would like to add FB to our Tweetdeck (and can), but it only shows my personal account (without letting me select “use FB as xyz company”). Do you know how I could use my business FB page on Tweetdeck without my private, personal page becoming accessible?

  9. Charlene Kingston says:

    Hi Lauren. I don’t use Tweetdeck, so I can’t help you with this. I do think you should be able to manage a page using Tweetdeck. There might be something in the place where you add the account. But as I said, I don’t use Tweetdeck, so I can’t be more specific. Good luck!

  10. Ludwig says:

    This is my problem I am not a Facebook junky but have a personal acc. and my daughter added my business with my personal page and each time I log in it keeps switching to my personal page. How do I invite someone to by business page with out them getting to my personal page?


  11. Erich says:

    Hi Charlene, I would like to echo Lauren’s comment as I too am an admin of a company FB page. She mentions tweetdeck, but this issue seems to be with ANY outside source requesting info from FB(local.yahoo/tweetdeck and many others).
    When trying to connect the two BUSINESS accounts but it only shows my personal FB account (without letting me select “use FB as xyz company”). Do you know how I could use my business FB page on yahoo without the personal page becoming accessible?

  12. Charlene Kingston says:

    Erich, I don’t use Tweetdeck or other “outside source requesting info from FB” so I can’t answer your question.

  13. Brett McGinnis says:


    Is it possible to transfer a business page to a business account?
    The page I manage would like to no longer have personal accounts tied to their business page.
    Thank you so much

  14. Charlene Kingston says:

    You can’t do that, Brett. At least not in the Facebook world of today.

  15. Megan Johnson says:

    Charlene I consult with small business owners on how to create and work with FB pages. Many of them do not have nor want a personal profile. In order to create a business page you do have to create a business account as I understand it – correct? That said what are the limitations of a business page only attached to a business account versus a personal profile. Seems things have changed in the last 6 months or so. Thanks for any help, it is impossible to find an answer online for this.

  16. Charlene Kingston says:

    Hi Megan. You can create a business page without having a profile. However, a business page without a personal account attached to it simply doesn’t work. For example, there is no search bar at the top of the page. I’m sure Facebook has done this to force people to create personal profiles.

    Tell you clients to either get a personal profile or forget about using Facebook. Facebook is not a website replacement. It’s a social media tool that is owned and operated by someone else, and you have to play by their rules.

    There are ways to lock down the privacy of a profile so it’s almost (ALMOST) like it doesn’t exist. Facebook doesn’t say you have to use the personal profile, they just bully you into having it.

  17. Anthony says:

    Hi Charlene, I recently tried to set up a face book page for a product for my business, During the steps that I followed in doing so, I saw something pertaining to payment. Do I have to pay to set up a business account on face book ?
    Thanks for your response,

  18. Charlene Kingston says:

    No payment is required to set up a Facebook business page.

  19. Nancy says:

    Hi Charlene, We have 2 car dealerships both operating completely independently and with different company names, however I am the Marketing Manager across both. Am I best to create 2 facebook accounts under email addresses related to each such as marketing@silverstarmotors.com.au and marketing@othercompany.com.au ??

  20. Charlene Kingston says:

    Recently, Facebook changed the new business account process, and they almost trick you into creating a profile with every account. Because of this and some other trends, I’m rethinking my advice to create separate business accounts.

    You do need a personal Facebook account (login) to create a business page. I recommend that you create separate pages for these businesses from your personal profile/account. When you create the page, Facebook automatically makes you the page administrator.

    You may be able to make the same posts on each account depending on if they offer the same brands of cars and have similar price points (looking for the same potential customers). But if one is more luxury than the other, for example, you may have to create new content for each page.

  21. Sam says:


    I think I have a problem, I have a personal page and a business page, both with separate logins. I didn’t know it was against facebooks policy for it not to be connected to your person profile. Do you know if there is any way I can connect my business page to my personal page? I am wanting the search bar feature. I have even considered contacting facebook to let them know of my mistake and to see if there is anything that can be done knowing they might shut me down but of course no one can contact them… Any suggestions?

  22. Charlene Kingston says:

    Go into your business account to your page and add a new admin. Use the same email address that you used to set up your personal profile. Facebook will send you an email inviting you to become a page admin. Then, log into Facebook with your personal account, accept the page admin role, and now your page is connected to your profile. To switch between them, you must “Use Facebook as” to switch between your personal profile and business page. You can do all of this using only your personal account (login).

  23. Martin says:

    Hi Charlene,

    I run a small business with other 10 people on my office, we all have personal facebook accounts, pretty much for family and friends and so on. Now, so far I know that you cannot have a personal account and a business account at the same itme, which is what we are looking for.

    So what would be the answer, I mean should we delete someone’s account to create a business “only” account?

  24. Charlene Kingston says:

    Don’t bother to delete anyone’s account. Just add the business page from the inside. Choose the person you want to be primarily responsible for the business page to add the page. After the page is completed, add in everyone else that you want to have admin rights for the page. There are several different levels of rights. You can give everyone the same or make them all different. Make sure that you have at least 2 people who can do everything.

  25. Martin says:

    Thanks for your answer Charlene,

    By following your advice, will I be able to get “insights” that Facebook provides or should I get an APP_ID for that matter


  26. Sue says:

    Can someone see your business facebook page if they don’t have a facebook account themselves?

  27. Charlene Kingston says:

    Hi Sue, Yes! Facebook pages are totally public and anyone who knows the business address can see them. However, most of the people who don’t use Facebook (don’t have an account) would never guess that they could see a Facebook page. So even though your page is available to anyone, most likely only people with Facebook accounts are actually seeing your page.

  28. Margaret says:

    Hello, I have a facebook account for “Clovis New Mexico..” I made this account for people to go down memory lane. I have now been notified by Face book the I need to convert it to a Business Page. It is not a business!!! It does not give me any-other option. I can access it if I change it but I do not want a business page. I do not sell anything on there. I post photos and notify the public of activities going on in this town. Please Help!!!!

  29. Elayne says:

    Hi Charlene,

    I am no longer able to manage my business page under my business name – which is the name of the business Facebook page. It appears that my business page has somehow merged with my home page without my consent. When log in as my personal self for my personal page and then I click on the “Your Pages” menu and I select my business page and it comes up, apparently I’m still being recognized as my personal self.
    While I’m able to post as my business I cannot access my business page Home page which had allowed me to socially network under my business name.
    This change happened overnight and I have no idea why and how to change it back. Facebook never responds. What can I do?

  30. Charlene Kingston says:

    I’m sorry to hear this Elayne. I do know that Facebook has been quite quirky lately. Some have suggested that this is because they are rolling out changes to page features. Whatever the reason, it’s frustrating to lose access to your page like this.

    The only basic suggestions I have is to log out, clear your browser cache, and try again. Try a different browser to see if that makes a difference. Try Chrome and Firefox, even if you have to install them to try them.

    Do you have a second page administrator? If so, that person can try adding you as an admin, or adjusting your permissions. It’s possible that something has gone wrong with them and making an adjustment (or re-adding you) could fix things.

    Otherwise, I can only suggest that you wait for Facebook to respond. I wish I had a secret backdoor trick that would work for you. :-)

    When you do get things restored, I strongly suggest that you add someone else as an admin to your page. Someone you trust. Someone who won’t touch things unless you need help, like you do now.

  31. Charlene Kingston says:

    You have to follow what Facebook wants, Margaret. Otherwise, they will close down your account. Your page sounds like a lovely thing. Be flexible so you can keep up the good value you provide to others.

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