Announcing Your Social Media Presence

Now that your business is using social media, it’s important that you share your online presence with your customers and potential customers. Here are ways you can do that, both online and offline, to make sure that the people who want to find your business on social media know where to look.

  • Before You Start: You have a business account on one or more social media sites.
  • Learning level: 3 | Building Skills
  • Article Last Updated: Saturday, September 6, 2014

Many graphic designers create icon sets available free online.

Your Business Social Media Passport

Now that your business is using social media, you need a strategy to share your social media accounts with the people who want to find your business online. It’s easy to create a social media passport, a list of your online accounts, and share this information with your customers.

Before you get started, you need to prepare you social media passport information.

  • You need an icon for each social media site. You can find free icon sets online, or you can ask your graphic designer to create a set that matches your visual branding.
  • Create a list of the exact web address (URL) for each account. Make sure you have the address of your page and not just the front door of the social media site.

Here are some suggestions for sharing your social media passport both online and offline.

  • Email. Update your email signature to include your social media passport with links to your accounts. Use a tiny icon here to save space, and include a link to your page on the social media site.
  • Business cards. Social media accounts are generally long and don’t fit well on business cards. You can easily add your Twitter handle. For the other sites, simply include the site icon. Your customers who use those sites will recognize the icons. You might consider placing this information to the back of your business card.
  • Marketing materials. Update your print marketing materials with the icons for your social media sites. You can also add a sentence like “Find us on…” with a list of your social media accounts.
  • Website. Work with your website designer to find a great location on your website to include your social media passport. Ideally, this information should be on every page and should be near the top so it’s easily found by site visitors. Use the social media icons, and provide a link to your exact account page for each icon.
  • Blog. Most blogs have a two-column (or more) layout. Add your social media passport to the sidebar on every page, and position it near the top. Use the social media icons, and provide a link to your exact account page for each icon.
  • Menus. Add your social media account icons to your menu. This is especially powerful when you add it to the printed menu that you hand to customers and your carryout or catering menu.
  • Receipts. Add your social media account names or icons to any type of receipt you hand to your customers when possible. This includes any forms that you give to customers when they drop off items, like a dry cleaning claim form.
  • Signage. Put a sign on your front door that lists your social media sites with their icons. Place a sign near your cash register for additional reinforcement. Consider adding social media information to a sign outside your business.
  • Google Maps Place Page. Use the flexibility of your Place Page to add your social media passport to your Google Maps listing.

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Your turn: How are you promoting your social media passport to your current and potential customers? Share you insights and tips here.

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About author:

Charlene Kingston is the small business person behind the Social Media DIY Workshop.

6 Responses to “Announcing Your Social Media Presence”

  1. nita says:

    Hello Charlene – this article does not go far enough.
    It told me the few things i knew — get the urls and get the icons.

    Now what?
    This is not my forte, but i am trying to wade through.
    please provide more info on actually get the icons on the web page.

  2. Charlene Kingston says:

    Hello, Nita.

    Thanks for your honest feedback. I wish I could tell you more about the process. My business is social media, and not website design or web development. The next step depends on how your site is built. Is it static HTML? WordPress? Flash? Drupal? or another development platform? The bones of your website determines the procedure and tools you need for the next step. Depending on how your site is built, you may also need to know how to adjust the CSS for the location you choose. Everyone can choose a different location, and how you put things in each location is different. There is no way I can help everyone with every possible combination of background skills, website structure, and technical aptitude.

    The first step for you is to find out how your website is constructed. Who built it? That person can tell you. From there, you can start to use Google to find instructions for how to do things. But just be aware, this is not a simple world you are entering. If you don’t understand how websites are constructed and the components work together, you may need to either take courses or hire someone to do this. Some of the website options are much easier than others.

    My only goal with this article is to let people know that they SHOULD be putting their social media passport on their site, and to make sure they understand that you can get the icons for free. Actually getting that step done is far outside the realm of my intentions and my business.

    Good luck to you.

  3. Jo says:

    HI Charlene,

    Thanks for your help earlier. Now for some reason my ‘use facebook as page’ option has disappeared?!! I can go on the page and post as my brand (at times – at others it asks me to confirm a security code then tells me I’ve always got it wrong), but I can’t access the brand’s homepage, which means I can’t interact with any of my customers. help!

    Thanks heaps in advance,

  4. Charlene Kingston says:

    First, make sure you know how to access Use Facebook As Page using the timeline format. I’m sure you are doing it right, but just to make sure, use the down arrow next to Home in the upper right and select your business in the menu. This is the easiest fix if this is the cause of the problem.

    The problem may be temporary. When Facebook is having problems, they shut off features so they can avoid crashing. If it happens once that you can’t get to Use Facebook as Page, that might be the reason.

    It might be a problem specific to that feature. Check out the known problems area ( for problems. Some features have known problems that Facebook is working on.

    I’m the admin on many pages, and I’ve never been asked to provide a security code.

    The next time you can post as your page, go to the admin panel and review your settings. There might be something funky there.

    I think you best chance for a solution is to contact Facebook. Explain the entire setup (who created the page, how you access it, etc.) so they can give you a good answer the first time. They are quite slow, and you don’t want to be having to answer questions back and forth at that slow pace. Here’s where you start that process (

    Good luck!

  5. Raymonda says:

    Hello Dear Charlene

    Thank you so much for your help…well i need to ask a question
    first i’m from Lebanon and soon will starting my own business and since social media is taking over in my country for exp a simple tiny shop have its own facebook page
    I myself have my own FB page as a visual artist
    but creating a business has become more serious so my question is what do you think is better from a simple facebook page that takes ages to grow its fan base…? i am talking social media that follow the website ….?

    Thank you

  6. Charlene Kingston says:

    Hi Raymonda,

    Is your business around your work as a visual artist? If so, I think you already have the business presence on Facebook that you need. I would suggest that it’s time to add a website. A website has many advantages over Facebook, and really should be the center of your business online presence. From your website, you can link to your Facebook page and any other social media sites you begin to use.

    A website has three jobs: to tell people who you are, to tell people what you do, and to tell people how to become a customer. A Facebook page can share what you are doing and it lets you talk easily with your community, but it really can’t do those three jobs.

    Good luck to you.

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