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Your Twitter profile allows you to link to one website page. You can  link to any part of your business online presence, but one smart idea is to create a special Twitter landing page. A Twitter landing page is a special page on your blog or website that visitors only reach from your Twitter profile. A good Twitter landing page establishes your identity with new followers.

  • Before You Start: You have a business Twitter account. You have a business website or blog where you can add a Twitter landing page.
  • Learning level: 3 | Building Skills
  • Article last updated: Saturday, September 6, 2014

Twitter Landing Page Components

A good Twitter landing page establishes your identity with new followers.If Twitter is an important part of your social media presence, you should consider building a customized Twitter landing page for the web link option in your Twitter profile. A landing page allows you to speak directly to people who are checking you out on Twitter.

A Twitter landing page provides specific information that you normally don’t provide on your blog or website. When crafting a Twitter landing page, you could include this information:

  • Welcome message. Welcome your visitors and explain that this is your customized Twitter landing page. This is like greeting someone who arrives at your front door. Be friendly and thank them for stopping by.
  • Who you are. Repeat your name, your business name, and your Twitter user name (if different).
  • Your business contact information. Always make it easy for people to contact your business.
  • Your Twitter goal. Let people know your goal for using Twitter. By sharing why you use Twitter, you give potential followers a lot of information about how you use Twitter.
  • Your tweet topics. Let people know the types of topics that you tweet about. You might think that they can review your archive to figure out your topics. However, many people won’t take the time scan more than a few tweets, and those may not represent you well. If you want engaged followers who are interested in your topics, tell them what you tweet about.
  • Your follow policy. Do you follow back everyone, or are you selective about following people? There is no right or wrong decision. However, this is your chance to explain your policy so people don’t start off with the wrong impression. Most people will assume that your follow policy is the same as theirs. Giving your follow policy is especially important if you are selective. If you don’t follow back everyone, explain how you decide whom to follow.
  • List of recent tweets. There are many tools that automatically display the last few tweets from this Twitter account. Which one you use depends on how you build your Twitter landing page and your technical skills. Twitter provides a series of widgets designed to make it easy to add your tweets to your website, blog,and other locations.
  • Other Twitter accounts. If you have other Twitter accounts with other goals and topics, list them here. Perhaps this account isn’t the best fit for your potential follower, but they see that another account would interest them more.
  • Your social media passport. If you are active in social media, you can provide a list of all of your social media accounts with links to help people find you on each one.

By giving potential followers this information, you allow them to make an informed decision about following you. It also lets them know that you are doing business on Twitter, and that you understand how to give them the information they need. It’s an important first impression!

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Your turn: Do you have a Twitter landing page? What do you include on it? Have you found a landing page that you thought did a great job? Share your insights here in the comments.

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Charlene Kingston is the small business person behind the Social Media DIY Workshop.

15 Responses to “Twitter Landing Pages”

  1. [...] Twitter Landing Pages | Social Media DIY Workshop Link je twitter-profiel naar een pagina op maat van andere tweeps. Het lijkt een goed idee. Goed uitgevoerd door de schrijfster van het artikel. [...]

  2. Janet says:

    Your advice on content for a Twitter landing page is brilliant. Can you add please the ‘how’ to do it. Thank you.

  3. Charlene Kingston says:

    I can give you general directions, Janet, but the specifics depend on many factors. My Twitter landing page is a special page I added to my website. I use WordPress, so this is really easy for me to do. I did not add this page to the menu. The only way a person can find this page is to click the link in my Twitter profile. However, once they land on my Twitter landing page, they see that they are inside my website and can move to any location within my site.

    I can’t give anyone specific instructions because of the variables. My first advice is to add a page to your website. If you can’t do that (for technical reasons), you might try making a special blog post that is your Twitter landing page. If you can, adjust the publish date to the beginning of your blog (so it doesn’t show up in your recent posts). And if you can’t change the date, whatever you can do is good enough!

    Hope that helps.

  4. Sandra says:


    This information helped me. I suppose it is a good idea, if there’s more about me I would want to share.

  5. Charlene Kingston says:

    A Twitter landing page can let you customize your message to fit exactly what you need. It can be long or short. There aren’t any rules. Try one, see how it works, and make adjustments to make it more effective.

  6. sakina says:

    Must say a brilliant idea. I am a beginner in social media and the world of digital marketing. if you could help me explain some basic steps to get started with the twitter landing page for the company i work for. Can i do it own my own or i need to tell my website agency to do it? Thanks :)

  7. Charlene Kingston says:

    I cant’ really answer that, Sakina. I have a separate page on my website for my Twitter landing page. It doesn’t appear in the website menu. The only way to reach that page is to click on the link in my Twitter profile. But once people arrive on my Twitter landing page, they are within my site and can move to any other location in the site.

    I don’t know your skills or how your company website is organized. Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information that you can figure this out now.

  8. Lindsay says:

    Hi Charlene. Really informative article. I run my website on WordPress and I’m not sure exactly what you mean by creating a page which can’t be seen on the website by other users, other than Twitter views. Could you pos explain a little more? Thanks! Lindsay.

  9. Charlene Kingston says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    Sorry for the delayed response but your comment landed in my spam folder my mistake.

    When you create a page on a WordPress site, you have to add it to the menu for people to see it. What I’m suggesting with a landing page is that you create the page but you don’t add it to the menu. This way, only people who find the link (like in a Twitter profile) reach the page. Someone cruising through your site would never find it. Does that help?

  10. Charlene Kingston says:

    Landing pages are great for Twitter. But they are also great for your business products and services. It gives your audience one place to go to get information. Good luck to you, Arge.

  11. Sarah Hart says:

    Thanks for such a helpful article…I didn’t even know that a Twitter page was such a thing. I’ve integrated one in to my website for now, using your tips. I’m new to Twitter and want to make a great first impression. Thanks!

  12. Charlene Kingston says:

    So glad to help you, Sarah. Landing pages are a great strategy for lots of things, not just Twitter.

  13. Wishpond Twitter says:

    Hi Charlene! I really love the Twitter Landing page. Also the site through Wishpond allows you to also creat Sweepstakes, photo contests, Essay contests, Landing pages and more on Twitter. They have teamed up to provide just an awesome lead generator.

  14. Charlene Kingston says:

    There are lots of tools these days to create special purpose landing pages. I’m really focused here just on creating a business information page, a sort of Twitter profile extension, to help businesses connect with their Twitter audience. I’m not focused on contests or lead generation.

  15. Twitter Landing Pages is the most brilliant idea for all business to make a great impression.Thanks so much for your useful article

  16. Charlene Kingston says:

    So glad you liked this. I use the concept of landing pages for every part of my business.

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