How Does A Blog Help My Business?

Many businesses today use blogs to communicate with their customers, potential customers, and the general public. You may be wondering if a blog would help your business.  A blog provides many benefits for most businesses.

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  • Article last updated: Saturday, August 11, 2012

Advantages From Business Blogs

Many of your customers and potential customers are on Facebook.There are many advantages you gain from keeping a business blog. Here are a few of them.

  • Develop a casual dialog with your customers. A blog allows you to speak casually to a wide range of people, including your customers and potential customers. Through a blog, and through blog comments, you can create a casual conversation that builds real relationships.
  • Fast communication of current information. Most businesses don’t update their website frequently. A blog allows you to provide up-to-date information to your customers quickly and easily. It’s much easier to update a blog than your website, and it requires no special technical skills.
  • Increase your visibility in search engine results. As you blog about topics, you increase your business visibility in search engine results for those topics. A business blog with posts written around your most desired search results raises your visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find you.
  • Share multimedia content. With a blog, you can embed other types of content such as videos, photos, and podcasts easily. By including multimedia content in your blog, you centralize all of the content from your company, and make it easy for people to see and use the content you create and provide.
  • You are in control (mostly). Many people use a variety of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These sites are run by other companies, subject to hacker attacks, and may close in the future. Your blog is the only place where you run the show. Yes, your hosting service may have some downtime, but with a good backup strategy, you can be up and running again quickly.
  • Be seen as an expert. A blog allows you to showcase your knowledge about a topic. As other people discover the benefit of your knowledge, you become seen as an expert in the field.

Deciding to start a blog is an important business decision that can help you build your business.

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Your turn: Do you keep a business blog? What benefits have you found from keeping a blog? Share your insights with the community here.

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Charlene Kingston is the small business person behind the Social Media DIY Workshop.

9 Responses to “How Does A Blog Help My Business?”

  1. mray says:

    It’s amazing how quickly your blog can grow! I started when we started our business thinking that it would never have any content. Now it is three years later and I have photos/videos etc and I really have had customers come in and say they read about us on line and that helped them make their decision to come to our salon. Great tips! Thank you

  2. Tamal says:

    I like to write blog and for my internet based businesses the blog is the one tool for getting more leads to it. But be sure not to limit the blog writing only about your company related stuff, write about problems and how to solve them.

  3. Charlene Kingston says:

    Congratulations, Matthew! A blog is a long-term investment in your business, and you are seeing dividends. You are a business blog success story!!

  4. Charlene Kingston says:

    That is great advice, Tamal. The quickest way to build an online audience is to provide practical advice they can use now to solve problems. When people see that provide answers, they will keep coming back for more.

  5. Tamal says:

    Charlene you can also use video blogging. When I started my thesis design business, I knew I need to write some tutorials, but tuts are less writing and adding lots of screen shots, clients were asking for some videos so I found a way to record screen while doing the design. I posted the vids on youtube and posted them back at my blog as posts, wow I was seeing video views + search traffic at my video posts.

    Internet speed is fast now days and everyone has access to video, so do consider creating video content for your blog.

  6. Amy Shields says:

    I have just found your blog and I have to say that this post is very informative. You have pointed a number of ways on how a blog can help your business. Recently, I have been writing blogs myself to extend my reach to people. Do you have any suggestions on blogging about hair salons?

  7. Charlene Kingston says:

    Hi Amy. Think about the questions people have about their hair. Most likely, these are things that you know and take for granted because you know them so well. Write about those answers. Think about it like this: if someone was going to ask a hair question and they are using Google to find the answer, you want them to find your blog post!

    Another great line of blog posts would be to talk about popular trends we see on celebrities. You might show examples of the trends, or talk about what kind of hair works best with these styles, etc. You can talk about products, about the impacts of weather on hair, aging on hair, how to preserve your color, little treatments you can do at home with things around the house, etc. Make yourself into a hair expert through your posts.

  8. seoraze says:

    This is absolutely right. A blog definitely help to generate more traffic and revenue. As this is a slow process but a good ranked blog pages always transfer the SERP juice to the main website. Business websites must use Blogs for promoting their rankings

  9. Charlene Kingston says:

    Thanks for adding to this conversation. Always appreciated.

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