Add Your Cell Phone To Your Twitter Account

One feature that makes Twitter powerful is it’s reach to mobile devices like notebooks, netbooks, smart phones, and cell phones. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, you can use Twitter’s mobile features from any cell phone that can send and receive text messages. You can easily connect your cell phone to your Twitter account.

  • Before You Start: You have a business Twitter account and a cell phone that sends and receives text messages.
  • Learning level: 3 | Building Skills
  • Article last updated: Saturday, August 11, 2012

man texting to his twitter account from his cell phoneTwitter And Text Messages

You can set up Twitter to convert tweets to text messages, and to convert your text messages to tweets. Twitter does not charge for this service. However, your cell phone carrier may charge you for each text message that you send and receive. Before you set up your cell phone with Twitter, check with your cell phone carrier about the charges for text messages on your current plan. If possible, update your plan to unlimited text messaging to avoid incurring a large (and unexpected) cell phone bill.

If you live outside of the United States, there are only a few places where you can use this feature. Check Twitter to learn more about international text messaging availability and services.

Cell Phone Setup

To link your cell phone to your Twitter account.

  1. Click on your account name (upper right). Click Setting option and select the Mobile option.
  2. Select your country from the drop-down list. (Only these countries can use this service.)
  3. Type in your cell phone number.
  4. Click the checkbox to allow people to find you on Twitter using your cell phone number (if desired).
  5. Click Start.
  6. If Twitter accepts your phone number, it displays a message on the screen with two components. It provides you with the text message address (40404=United States) and message to send.
  7. Use your cell phone to send the message to the address.

When Twitter receives your confirmation code text message, your cell phone setup is complete.

If you have more than one Twitter account, you  must decide which account you want to use with your cell phone. Twitter allows each cell phone number to link to only one Twitter account.

In a follow-up article, you learn how to set your text message options and begin using Twitter to send and receive text messages.

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Your turn: Do you use the text message feature of Twitter? How does it compare to using Twitter on your phone, or using a Twitter client (application) on a smart phone? Share your experience with the community.

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Charlene Kingston is the small business person behind the Social Media DIY Workshop.

2 Responses to “Add Your Cell Phone To Your Twitter Account”

  1. Priyanka says:

    Adding a cell phone number to such public platforms could be dangerous because if some day twitter will decide to show you number to other users then that can be misused just like facebook did few days back.

  2. Charlene Kingston says:

    Any time you provide personal information online, there is a chance it could be accidentally published to the world. Most services have a solid privacy policy that they adhere to, and they notify you of changes. But even so, there is always a risk with being online. I do have my cell phone added to my Twitter account because the text message service is valuable to me.

    Many people today are afraid to go online because of privacy fears. I prefer to take a cautious approach. I don’t share personal information, including contact information, in many places, and I keep an eye on privacy policies. I believe it’s about finding a comfort zone you can live with. That’s not the same for everyone.

  3. [...] information comes from the Social Media DIY Workshop website and these two posts: Add Your Cell Phone to Your Twitter Account and Twitter and Text [...]

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    [...] information comes from the Social Media DIY Workshop website and these two posts: Add Your Cell Phone to Your Twitter Account and Twitter and Text [...]

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